New black of an old light

by Ghost Valley Choir

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released February 2, 2017

Vocals: Sören Bangert
Guitars: Simon Fegers
Guitars, Samples: Sascha Regier
Drums: Frieder Bögner
Keyboards, Backing Vocals: Jakob Steffan

Backing Vocals: Joanna Bündgen



all rights reserved


Ghost Valley Choir Köln, Germany

Als Lo-Fi Projekt Ding in tiefer Melancholie zum fünfköpfigen Spross mit mehr Melodie in Richtung Slow-Core-Sound, von Münster nach Köln, mit wenig Interesse an Szene, dafür an Liedern über Entfremdung und Wahnsinn. 90% der Titel sind grundsätzlich in E-Moll. (Never change a winning team!) ... more

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Track Name: Bored in the face of beauty
Bored in the face of beauty

The summer’s high
Above the empty sky
Nothing to hold the eye

Beautiful city
Folks young and pretty
Everyone so witty

A perfect face
Everything in place
Brussels lace

Conformity bears monotony
Don’t you feel bored, like me?

A chatty small talk
After eating white chalk
Moving in crabwalk

Me and you
We tasted sweet and true
A gum I’m so tired to chew

Equanimity bears apathy
Spotlessness spoils the eye
Harmony killed you and me
Can’t you see
Track Name: My own private vortex
My own private vortex

Empty me
With no world inside
And no place to be or hide

Yawning void
All sensations are blurred
Before they emerge from the deep

With that iron hoop round my chest
Everything I once held dear
Appears dull and ridiculously stale
Even you get pale
I’m ashamed by the love in your eyes
And what they may see in me.

Don’t cry for me
I’m far beyond tears now
This house is vacant and I don’t care

I can see
My picture on the shelf
But I can’t find myself inside me

Yesterday wen’t down the drain
Will tomorrow follow that lane?
Track Name: Behind closed curtains
Behind closed curtains

Frida’s back in town
From captivity in Russia
A nurse on battleground
Between young men brutalized
Not once, not once did she speak of the things she endured
60 years of hidden tears and gone

It’s our fatal tradition
Don’t let go
Keep the curtains closed
Don’t embarrass the people around you
Go on

Wilhelmine raised her youngest son alone
When she delivered him
Both husband and firstborn were gone
Not once, not once did they see each other weeping
Underneath the portraits on the wall
Track Name: The mirror retains the flower I bejeweled with
The mirror retains the flower I bejeweled with

I remember
In the mirror
Eyes with hunger
For life – long ago

Along the ditch
I had an itch
To bend every flower
On gods fresh meadow

Collecting hearts
Like business-cards
Became decoration
To my ego

Spring passed by
Summer died
Then the leaves fell
Where could I go

The flowers gone
All alone
In that mirror
A face I don’t know

And that old hunger where did it go
I’ve digested but I’m so fed up still
Looking for comfort – I feel ill
No need for thrill
I ran all the way – what did I know
What’s left is a winters chill
Track Name: Brazil

The skin of my graced knees ain’t gone
From the streets you unconcernedly stroll upon
Through your life

My teenage-pride my self-esteem
Lies in the mud you grow your greens upon
And you scrape off the soles of your boots

In everything I do or say
Your spiteful laughter makes its way to me
And I return to the schoolyard

In thousand sleepless nights or more
I think of ways to humiliate you to the core
Will I ever get rid of you

Humbled, torn, crown of thorns
Bloody, blunted wally
Petty, bourgeois folly